Butterflies are always needed for decorating our Sunshine Blankets and Shawls for the Elderly.
If you are interested in making any please follow the Link to Netties Blog in Australia. Thank you.

It is so important that email addresses and names are enclosed with your donations of Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Butterflies please. Thank you!

'Crochet keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create -- and think of those we create for --is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in a hook, a book and a ball of yarn. Author Anonymous. Thanks Cynthia.
I NO LONGER ACCEPT KNITTED OR CROCHETED SQUARES. I DO HOWEVER ACCEPT MADE UP BLANKETS FOR THE ELDERLY IN CARE HOMES. I'D BE VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE YOURS! THANK YOU! 'SIBOL' is a charitable outlet for your Crocheting and Knitting Skills why not join us? Together we are 'Sending a ray of Sunshine into the Lives of the Elderly.' All enquiries please contact Sue on Thank you!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Delivery Day!

Good Afternoon to you all!

Thank you for popping into 'SIBOL' this afternoon.

I am very pleased to be telling you that I have just delivered another 6 'Sunshine Blankets' to Ashley Lodge Care Home in Moseley, Birmingham.


The Staff rang me at lunchtime to thank us once again for our beautiful Shawls and Blankets and I'm really pleased that we could help them out with several more.


It's always lovely to be able to obtain a photo of my visit.


The Staff loved our Blankets.
So once again a Big Thank you from Ashley Lodge Care Home and me too!

I am always in need of Blankets and Shawls for the Care Homes. They are always accepted so well and they certainly make a difference to someone. If you think you can help details are on here

My email address is here

I'm Sue

Thank you x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Delivery of Knitted Blankets today!

Good Afternoon to you all!

I would like to thank Sue today for 5 beautiful Knitted 'Sunshine Blankets' she has very kindly made for Elderly Residents in Care Homes. These Blankets have been made in great colours some ideal for men Residents too!  Thank you so much for this bumper parcel received today. I love the deep borders on the Blankets they really make the Squares stand out. I know they will be loved.

Sue W thank you for the 5 Sunshine Blankets received today!






Superb! Thank you so much Sue.

I would also like to thank Liztelf for assembling a 'take a bag' for me.
This really has helped.

Joined this way with a flat braiding method it makes the Knitted Squares look so different!
The Border is ideal for the Blanket thank you Liztelf!

Liz Telf thank you for assembling the Squares for me.


I delivered 48 Sunshine Blankets yesterday we have had another 6 come in today.
Thank you all so much for your support.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the wonderful Blankets today and don't forget to
read about my visit yesterday.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about our Blankets.

I'm Sue

Monday, 21 July 2014

Delivery of 48 Sunshine Blankets today!

Hi everyone!


Welcome to 'SIBOL!',

Over the past few weeks I have been getting our beautiful 'Sunshine Blankets' ready for the next Home delivery. It's amazing how soon we gather together another 48! Our 'Sunshine Blankets' have been sent in from all over the world this time from Japan, Singapore and Spain not to mention the UK.   I am always very surprised when Ladies want to send to me from far off countries and it just shows how terribly kind Ladies in the Crafting  Community are. I am always very grateful and I know the Staff and Residents in the Homes really appreciate them. So thank you.

The Home I visited today was Cole Valley Nursing Home, Kings Heath, Birmingham  near to where I live. Michele is the Manager there and she was very pleased to accept our  Blankets.

Delivery Day 'Cole Valley Nursing Home', Birmingham . [48]


I now have a helper my dear 'Mr. T' without him today those boxes would have been pretty heavy I have to say. Packed with such beautiful Blankets I know that each one is going to brighten someone's day. 

I know a lot of work goes in to each Blanket and I'm still amazed that you
still want to support the project after all these years. If you didn't know 'SIBOL' was started in January 2010 and my original intention was to make 6. We have now made 789! 
Of course the project was started in Memory of my Grandmother who lived to the fine age of 103!

Cole Valley would like to thank everyone for these gorgeous Blankets their Residents are going to love them. 

A big thank you from me too!

If you would like to ask me anything please contact me on

I'm Sue

Bye for now x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lots of colour today!

Good Afternoon and Welcome!

I have some gorgeous 'Sunshine Blankets' arriving today from the Axa Purls Knitting Group.
There are eleven in total  all made in such beautiful Granny Squares. Most of them are in glittery yarn which really is lovely.

I am so pleased these Blankets have arrived this weekend because I am in the process of getting our Blankets ready for the next home. I do have one in mind and I will try my best next week to get out to them.

Let's take a look at them now.

11 'Sunshine Blanket's from the Axa Purls Knitting Group. Many thanks to you all!










780 Axa 10

779 Axa 9

Your donations of Ribbons and Butterflies make these 'Sunshine Blankets' beautiful Gifts for Residents in the Homes. It's so nice to be able to match them up well.
I'm sure the Residents are really going to appreciate them.

Thank you to everyone who has made these Blankets today and thanks to you all for popping in to the 'SIBOL' web site especially new Ladies from UK Hand Knitting Association link.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me please feel free to mail me on

I'm Sue
Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A 'Sunshine Blanket' arrives from the 'Swaps Galore' Group on RAV.

Good Afternoon and welcome!

First of all may I say thank you to everyone who put their names forward to help out with the smaller Blankets. I have passed on details to 'modelwidow' and she will contact everyone.

I have had a beautiful Flower 'Sunshine Blanket' arrive this morning from Steph and Ladies of the 'Swaps Galore' Group on RAVELRY. It really is very kind of you all to donate this beauty to 'SIBOL'.

I don't think  it will be possible to take a photo of one of the Residents in a Home accepting it but I will do my best to ask one of the Staff for you. I know it is very important to see where the Blankets finally go to and I always do my very best to take photos.

My all time favourite is Flower Blankets and at the bottom of the page I will show you some of our previous ones. Oh and if you want to see all the Blankets we have made and all the Squares we have previously received everything is recorded on Flickr. Here's the LINK.

Let's take a look at the Blanket now.



We are always in need of your Crocheting and Knitting Skills and if you feel you have time on your hands this Summer would you consider making a 'Sunshine Blanket' for SIBOL?

A typical Granny Square Blanket is the ideal sort of thing to carry around  with you and while watching the kids in the park it's something that doesn't need a great deal of concentration.
A great way also to use those bits of yarn lying around in your Stash.

Either making a Blanket using Squares or the round method would be fantastic and you could make it in whatever coloured yarn you like too!

We always need 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Care Homes and my aim now is to reach 1,000. We have totalled 778 I think  it is. My original idea was to make 6.

I would like to thank everyone for their support as usual.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this special Blanket for 'Emmerdale' TV programme.

Thanks to all the Ladies who contribute Squares to this Flower Blanket. They are gorgeous!

Thanks to everyone that has very kindly contributed Squares for this Blanket. 'Please add note' if you see your Flower Square!

Thanks to everyone for contributing Squares to 'Grow me a Garden'. (2)

Thank you to everyone that has contributed Squares for 'Grow me a Garden' (3). 'Please add note if you see your Square!'.

If there are any 'Sunshine Blankets' on their way to me would you please let me know on

I am due to visit a home very soon and I'm trying to get the 45 before I go I am around 10 short I think. 

Thank you Sue x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A shout out 'offers of help' please? Thank you!

Hi there,

Just a shout out asking  whether anyone has free time on their hands and would be willing to help out with some Crocheting?

We have some Crocheted Granny Square type Blankets coming in but they are rather small 24" x 30" ish.  Of course they are too small really for the Residents in Homes.
Would anyone be willing to make them into larger blankets for us?

I could arrange to have them sent directly to your address in the UK and then when finished if you could send back to me?

New Ladies are most welcome to help us.

Thanks such a lot.

I'm Sue

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What a bumper delivery today!

Good Afternoon,

I'm writing Tuesday's and Wednesday's post today so please scroll down and see what's new!

Today I would like to thank  'Myrna' for the very heavy box received this morning. I found it in my
porch without even a knock to the door! I couldn't wait to open it. Inside I found lots of useful Ribbon, Shawls and Sunshine Blankets so thank you very much indeed Myrna.

Each 'Sunshine Blanket' and 'Shawl' have Butterflies already sewn on to them. How thoughtful of you Myrna! This has saved me time. I must compliment you on your work. I can't believe how many Blankets and Shawls you have made. The box is just jam packed! I love the flourescent colours. Please scroll down now and view Myrna's gorgeous work.








Now the fantastic Shawls! What a day today!






I am really grateful to you. I know how long everything takes to make and I know the Residents are just going to love them.

x Sue x

My Knitting Group talk on Tuesday.

Good Afternoon,

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday when I visited Digbeth-in-the-Field Church at Yardley, Birmingham.

digbeth in the fields church

If you remember I was invited to give a talk about our 'SIBOL' project. I did have a few doubts about going to be honest with you because our 'Little Miss Twin 2' the youngest by 6 minutes unfortuntely fell down the bottom couple of steps at home on Monday morning and broke her ankle. So she's laid up at home and things have been rather difficult. My main worry was leaving her but as Mr. T. is at home now he kindly agreed to keep an eye on her. It is so painful at the moment for her and isn't it awkward having a leg in plaster? Anyway, I did manage to go and this was my opening line if you like. Of course the Ladies in the Group were all terribly concerned about her.

When Janet rang me to invite me along to the meeting back in early June I had just delivered our 'Sunshine Blanket's to a local home and I did say I hadn't got many to show them so she was amazed to see that I had taken 4 boxes full with more at home! 

A very friendly group of Ladies who were terribly interested in our work. Doing Knitting for Samaritans Purse and other various charities they understood what it was all about. I introduced myself to them and first of all I told them why I started the project. I spoke about my Grandmother and told them how lucky she was to be able to live independently on her own.  Explaining that there are many Elderly people who aren't so lucky and it was to these people who I wanted to help. Of course if you remember when I first started back in January 2010, we had Squares flying in from all over the World and for the first year and a half I was putting the Squares together myself. you can imagine I soon got inundated with them and the Ladies on RAVERLY were all very kind to offer to help me. I suppose in those early days I didn't like asking to be honest with you.  My initial aim was to make 6, but as I explained to the Ladies in the Group we have now made 771 well with Tuesday's delivery that brings a total to 777! Amazing! Nowadays we don't accept Squares as you know we only accept ready made Blankets but this idea has taken off and this saves everyone a lot of time and money! 

I invited the Ladies in the Group to take a Butterfly and told them that we first of all started putting Butterflies on our 'Sunshine Blanket' 7. Then dear Salma one of our 'SIBOLETTE's' in Kuwait suggested that we ought to put them on every Blanket rather like a trademark. This idea took off and we do this by routine now. They absolutely loved the Butterflies and I am very thankful to everyone who made some for me especially for my visit on Tuesday. I took a basket full with me.

There wasn't actually any tables out for me to display our work unlike the last talk I did at the Craft Group but as I was speaking I held each Blanket up to show them. Showing them Blankets from all over the World. I was asked all sorts of questions and then someone mentioned Shawls! 'Shawls', I said. 'I have lots to show you!' So out came the beautiful Shawls we had made. I was just so proud of everyone.  They looked at them and took so much interest. I even did a demonstration of wearing one. 

I also showed them the photo of my Grandmother and I held up the Blanket we made  in her Memory. I explained how she loved the radio, westerns, her potatoe, meat and veg dinners. Her favourite flowers forget-me-nots, roses and daffodils etc., The Ladies were really all amazed at everyone's talent!

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket. They are amazing!

I showed them the 500th Blanket and the 100th too. Especially pointing out Marilyn's machine embroidery Squares and how she had picked up the theme of the Blanket. I can honestly say that everyone was so excited to see the Blankets and they all really did take such an interest in them.


I gave out sheets about our Group inviting the Ladies to make a Butterfly or a Blanket and also my little Business cards with all the information on.

After the talk we had prayers which was really lovely. Thanking us all for the creative work we do for others in need and inspiring us to carry on. We had cups of tea and biscuits and one of the Husbands very kindly took a photo for me. I'm sorry I don't have more. I do hate that top I was wearing I look as though I'm expecting!


I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and I can honestly say that all of the Ladies absolutely loved your work and they all said how talented you were.  I did try to show them as many Blankets as I could.

Thanks to Janet and Ladies for inviting me and to everyone who supports the 'SIBOL' project.Without you all we couldn't do what we are doing.

x Sue x